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I consider myself a people-centered photographer, and building relationships with my clients is one of the best ways that I can love and serve them well throughout our time of working together. Once a wedding client books with me, I send out an in-depth questionnaire. This allows me to get to know them better and prepare for our engagement session together. A huge perk of having this questionnaire is that I NEVER run out of things to chat about with my clients! This questionnaire gives me a great baseline in understanding who my couple is, what they love to do, and the inside scoop to their love story and wedding plans!

My sweet clients are always filling this out, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to put myself in the hot seat! Today I’m answering 10 questions from the questionnaire that I send to my own couples!

1 – How did you two meet?

My husband Matt and I met at a Singles Group Bible Study through our old church. (Spoiler Alert: 90% of the singles group ended up all marrying each other!)

2 – What do you two like to do on the weekends?

You’ll find me making pancakes and watching cartoons with my toddler most Saturday mornings. That’s usually followed by changing into a black dress and heading off to a wedding! In the warmer months, if I’m not photographing a wedding we will often pack up and go on a weekend camping trip! (yes, in a tent!)

3 – What’s your go-to restaurant?

We are always in the mood for stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut!

4 – What are your go-to favorite drinks?

Diet Dr. Pepper or a Margarita for me! Black hot coffee or bourbon for Matt!

5 – What’s your go-to TV show to binge?

I love the Office and anything on HGTV, Matt prefers Shark Tank.

6 – What kind of music do you two love to listen to?

A little bit of everything! Country and Christian and 90s hits are our favs!

7 – You have to eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d pick chicken low-mein, Matt picks burritos.

8 – Do you have any pets or children?

We have two children! Penelope (fondly known as Pixie) is almost two, and our second baby will be here in June of 2022! No pets for us; babies are way more fun in my opinion!

9 – Favorite place to travel to or any dream destinations on your list to visit?

We planned our dream Europe trip in the fall of 2019 and hit so many places on our bucket list! (I highly recommend that for everyone!) One place I’d still love to visit is Greece and my husband Matt would love to go back to Germany someday. We love traveling in general, even if it’s something small like a weekend trip to a new city!

10 – Anything else special you’d like me to know about yourselves?

Woah, I didn’t realize how hard this question probably is for my clients to answer until I’m now answering it! There’s nothing super special about me; I’m actually pretty ordinary! I love my clients, I love my little family and I love the color pink. I’m proud that I’ve built a business for myself and I love that I get to work with the sweetest couples every single day! I’m a fan of grocery delivery, quality time, minimalism and cute notebooks.

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