You’re Engaged! Now What?

Wedding Planning Tips

You’re Engaged! CONGRATULATIONS! Yay! This is the moment you’ve waited so long for! Before you get caught up in allllll the wedding planning, here’s a few tips to help you take it all in and get yourself on the right track before you’re neck deep in Pinterest boards!



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1) Take a bomb selfie with that RING and your brand spanking new FIANCE!

While the excitement is fresh and new snap a few pictures or even take a fun little boomerang of you two kissing! You need a cute pic to send to all your besties and the fam to announce that new bling! Splash that picture or video all over your Instagram for everyone to go nuts over and congratulate you! It’s so fun to be the center of attention for a hot second and really enjoy those first few days/weeks of excitement! Plus, it’s so fun to look back on those first photos you took as an engaged couple! Those smiles couldn’t get any bigger and your love couldn’t be more evident!

2) Narrow down your wedding day favs!

I highly recommend sitting down with your fiance and both of you writing down your top three items that you don’t want to skimp on for your big day. Have a clear idea of the three areas of your wedding that are the most important to you and that you wouldn’t mind splurging on! You want to make sure you are both on the same page with your expectations and desires for your dream wedding!

3) Set a budget!

This is a highly personal decision, and it depends on many factors (where you live, if parents are contributing, what season you’re wanting to get married, etc.) but I recommend having a budget and sticking to it. If you are not good at sticking to budgets, maybe insert a buffer fund in there. Sometimes things turn out more pricey than you thought and something unexpected will always pop up! It is best to be absolutely prepared in this area to eliminate as much stress as possible!

4) Start vendor hunting!

Some vendors will have limited availability as many couples book far in advance. The vendors that tend to be booked up in advance? The venue and Photographer! Those are two vendors that are not able to serve multiple clients on one day. Some photographers book as far as two years in advance! If you have an eye on someone specific and you love their style, be sure to reach out sooner than later!


Take a breather now and then. Wedding planning can be a stressful time for many brides so make sure to take time for yourself and truly enjoy this time with your future spouse. Take a night off from the planning and go on a date or get your nails done with your besties. Planning a wedding is hard work – you deserve to treat yourself!

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