Top 8 Ways I Prepare My Brides for Their Engagement Sessions

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Congratulations on your engagement! This is such a fun and exciting time planning for your dream wedding day! Before you get to the big day though you’ll be getting your engagement photos taken. Being engaged is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences, and as your photographer I want you to get the most out of your images and experience with me! Here are my top 8 tips to take into consideration when planning and preparing for your Engagement Session with me!




Pick out your outfits!

First things first – go get yourself an adorable outfit that you feel absolutely beautiful in! There is nothing better than feeling your best when you’re being photographed! You also need to pick out an outfit for your groom – the best rule to go by is to coordinate your outfits but don’t match exactly! You want to complement each other with your outfits.

Get dolled up!

Get your nails done or get your ring cleaned. Do you need to do a test run for your wedding makeup? Schedule it for your engagement shoot day! Get yourself feeling beautiful and looking your best! These photos are incredibly important along with your wedding photos so make sure you have you and your groom ready for these photos!

Prepare your groom!

All people (not just the groom) can feel awkward in front of the camera, so getting pictures taken can be nerve wracking and can definitely show through in photos! However, most of the time, it’s usually the groom that’s more nervous, so this section is dedicated to him! To get him ready for these photos – have him get a fresh haircut and trim that beard, have him be part of picking out his outfit for the photos so he’s comfortable in what he’s wearing, and be sure flip through my insta or website and point out the images that you love and how excited you are to get photos taken with him! A little pep talk goes a long way! Another big tip is to make it a date night! You both are dressed up, so make some dinner reservations for after our session together! I promise I won’t tag along!

Bring accessories!

Do you have an adorable jacket or hat for your outfit? Can your hair easily go from being up to being down? Does your groom have a sweater or a button up shirt he can bring to easily switch up his top? These simple changes add a huge variety to your gallery! This will make your images more diverse and make it feel like you had a massive session, even if you had a short session!

Print your Favorites!

Once you receive your gallery get them printed! Seeing your images around your home is such a simple way to enjoy your photos on a daily basis, and it’s such a great reminder of this special season of your life! It goes by so fast! You can even get some printed for family – I know parents and grandparents will love to have a beautiful printed photo of you to display proudly in their homes!

Use them on your wedding website!

Almost all of your guests will be visiting your wedding website to check out accommodations, details, your registry info, etc. The best part is you don’t have to just choose one! Plaster those babies all over website – I promise your guests will love it!

Use them on your Save the Dates (or even your wedding Invites!)

I used to work on the wedding stationery industry and so many Brides used their engagement images on their save the dates and it NEVER GETS OLD. It’s so unique to you, and it really sets the tone for your wedding day! A perfect way to show off those beautiful images you love so much!

Order an Album!

I know we are all excited about getting your wedding images printed in a beautiful keepsake album, but don’t forget about those engagement images! I know I’ve pulled out my engagement album many times, and it’s so fun to flip through it. A rush of emotions come flooding back every time I see them. It was such a sweet season of life for my now husband and I, and those 10 months of being engaged flew by!

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