The Pandemic Bride


If one thing is for sure, Coronavirus was something that no Bride expected to endure while wedding planning! This past year has been tough on everyone but especially on brides. I know how daunting the planning process might feel staring down 2021 after having survived 2020. Thankfully there are things you can do to make the absolute best of it.



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1. Prepare yourself.

No matter what type of wedding you are planning, how many people will be invited, where it will be at, or when you’re having it it will look different than what you originally expected. Make sure you set expectations for yourself that you might have to compromise some things. You might be limited on locations, you might have to post-pone to a later date, or you might have to limit your guest list. Whatever changes are thrown your way it will help you survive by having prepared yourself mentally and emotionally for those moments.

2. Have a back-up plan.

And then make a back-up to the back-up plan. This is a hope for the best, plan for the worst situation. We want the very best for your wedding day! Plan your dream wedding, do everything you can to make it happen, and hope it all works out. Then make a couple back up plans in case you do need to make changes. It’s like planning an outdoor wedding – you hope it doesn’t rain and plan on it not raining but you make a back up plan in case the weather turns.

3. Consider your options. 

Unfortunately Covid has taken away many options for brides in the last year and coming times. Take the time and really think through what this means for you and what your options are. Do you really want the big, family and friend filled wedding with a giant reception? Maybe postponing your big day is the very best option. Maybe look for an outdoor venue that can accommodate a safe environment for all of your guests. Maybe jump on the elopement craze and jet off to a beautiful destination for a romantic, intimate experience. Maybe have an intimate wedding with just you and your close family and friends but then still have a big, stress free reception at a later date. There are so many options available – be sure to consider them all and decide what is best for you.

4. Covid can be trendy. 

As frustrating as the pandemic has been for everyone it’s safe to say that it has completely changed some trends. Maybe you wanted to have a big, beautiful charcuterie board at your wedding but you now know how tough that could be to have that be sanitary right now. Consider charcuterie cones! Pre-made paper cones each with speared cheeses, meats, fruits, and olives. I’ve seen many Brides have custom face masks made as favors for their guests as a fun token to remember this unusual time. This keeps things Covid-friendly and make your wedding memorable.

5. Stay positive! 

This might sound silly and cliché, but it’s true. Remember that no matter what happens you will get to marry the love of your life. Your wedding might look different than what you expected but at the end of the day you get to stand hand-in-hand with your best friend and say “I do!” 

6. Take care of YOU.

Through all of this, make sure to care for yourself. Keep your emotional and mental health in check. Need a break? Get a pedicure with your best friend and relax. Stress will only make things worse. And the most important part of your wedding is YOU. Prioritize yourself through the entire planning process.

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