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When most brides think of their wedding day images they think of the portraits of them and their hubby. Or of the bridal party. But what most Brides don’t realize is that their Wedding Gallery is the most complete and cohesive when you include lots of detail shots! As a photographer (and past Bride), I know how much time you put into your invitation suite, selecting the perfect shade of pink for your flowers and picking out those stunning earrings. These details NEED to be seen!

As a Wedding Photographer, I always budget some time to photograph your details! I love capturing those unique special details because I know how much thought and effort you put into choosing every last one! These images not only look stunning in your wedding album but I know Mom wants to see that “something borrowed” necklace she passed on to you beautifully captured next to your custom wedding bands that you and your new hubby picked out together!

One of the best things you can do for your wedding photos is to make sure you get the absolute most out of those detail shots! Let me help you out so you get be ahead of the game! Have them all together and ready! There is nothing more frustrating and time consuming than running around collecting all of the details for the wedding last second. The more you can prepare ahead the better. Have all of them in a bag or a box ready to go for when your photographer arrives! While you’re getting your makeup and hair done your photographer can snag the bag to capture some images! This way nobody is stressed or rushed.

Have a killer invitation suite!

Wedding stationary is such a great detail to add to your photos. Bring the entire suite – the Save the Date card, the Invitation and envelope, the Accommodations Card, the Reply card and envelope, and any other stationary that went with it! Bonus points if it all matches and coordinates with each other!

Add those fun, personal touches!

Anything that is special to you as a couple. Did you keep all of the love letters you wrote to each other? Did you buy each other a wedding day gift or have a sentimental trinket that could be added? Did you have something personalized for you two? Bring them all!

Add a family heirloom

(Even if it’s not wedding related, or you’re not directly using it or wearing it on your wedding day!) Your mom’s veil makes a great background cloth for your detail shots and grandma’s pretty broach makes a beautiful accent to your flat lays.

Get something personalized or monogramed!

This could be your vow books, a ring dish, a handkerchief, or anything! Are your champagne flutes for the wedding toast monogrammed? Those pretty monogrammed little items just add a special touch to your detail shots!

Add other objects!

Whether it’s fresh fruit, wine corks or an old wedding picture of your grandparents, these just add the right amount of uniqueness to your detail shots! If you and your spouse to be are into music and you have a favorite song that means something special to you, bring the sheet music! Will you be wearing your favorite perfume? Bring the bottle!

Don’t forget the Groom’s details!

Groom details can be overlooked but don’t forget them! The groom’s details can be so sleek in photos. Include the tie, bow tie, cuff links, socks (if colorful or patterned), shoes, boutonniere, watch, and cologne! Even if all the details are just simple and black, that’s ok! You can even throw in the grooms gifts! Did the groom get all of the groomsmen matching pocketknives or flasks? Throw those in there!

Fresh blooms and greenery!

Last but certainly not least…ask your florist for a few extra stems to use for styling – they elevate your detail shots and make your details cohesive with the rest of your wedding photo gallery! A couple extra sprigs of greenery here and a couple loose petals there added to a flat lay with shoes or your invitation suite is GORGEOUS! Just a handful of extra blooms and greenery from your florist can really go a long way in those detail shots!

Those small but important steps can make a big impact on your full wedding gallery! (Especially if you value detail shots as much as me!) I hope this encourages you to elevate those detail shots and get the most out of your wedding day experience! I think you’ll thank yourself for it! If you’d like to see more wedding planning tips, click here!

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