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It’s been a few years since I’ve done this, so let me reintroduce myself! My name is Bethany! I have two beautiful little girls and I love teaching them what it’s like to follow your dreams and do something you love every single day.

I’m a midwest girlie who’s heart belongs in a small town, yet I still love booking little weekend trips to new cities and traveling the world (I’ve been to 9 countries so far!) When I’m not at a photoshoot, you will often find me volunteering at church, making homemade chocolate cake, or hitting up the park with my kids.

My best days are spent holding my babies in one hand and my camera in the other. I truly love what I do and value the connections I make with my clients. There’s nothing better than documenting someones best day, while simultaneously getting to live mine every day.

Enjoy some fun facts from yours truly! 💖

1 – What’s my favorite meal I’ve ever had?

Does cake count as a meal? Definitely Earl’s Court Chocolate Cake from the Cake Bake Shop in Indianapolis, or else anything my mom makes! She’s the best chef I know.

2 – My go to drink?

Diet Dr. Pepper over pebble ice!

3 – What is my favorite thing to talk about?

I could talk your ear off about running a small business, my kids or the unequal division of unpaid domestic labor within the home.

4 – The best TV show to binge?

Married at First Sight (because I love weddings duh!)

5 – My perfect weekend looks like…

Staying up late baking cookies with my girls, brunch with friends and a nap!

6 – My strange addiction!

Taylor Swift and getting permanent jewelry.

7 – What makes me feel unstoppable?

When I’m having a good hair day and have an iced coffee in my hand!

8 – What movie/TV show could I recite word for word?

Pretty much all nine seasons of The Office.

9 – My top 3 bucket list items:

  1. Visit Greece
  2. To leave an impactful legacy to my children
  3. To have a little homestead with chickens and a garden.

10 – Take a peek at my most recent Amazon order!

A new screen protector for my iPhone, a baseball hat that says “mama”, some sourdough tools and a cat piñata.

11 – My go-to Starbucks order:

Brown sugar shaken espresso (I will happily accepts photography tips in the form of Starbucks gift cards)

12 – What is my love language?

I’m a quality time kind of gal. I want to spend 3 hours with you having deep conversations about life while sipping an iced latte.

13 – What is one of my 2024 personal goals?

Less time in front of the TV and more time spent trying new things and having hobbies again!

BONUS – My worst pickup line!

“What’s your shirt made of? It sure feels like boyfriend material.” *insert me slapping my knee laughing at my own joke.

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– soaking in motherhood
– packing up for a weekend camping trip
– trying out a new cookie recipe

When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me

- genuine connection is everything
- photos deserve to be printed
- candid photos are more meaningful than posed

I believe that

– photographing all the little details
– iced coffee > hot coffee
– serving and loving on my clients

Things I love

Hi Friend, I'm Bethany!