Top 3 Splurges (Wedding Day Edition)!

Wedding Planning Tips

You’re engaged! Congratulations! This is SUCH an exciting and enjoyable time for you! Alright, let’s be honest…as exciting as wedding planning can be it can also be quite overwhelming and stressful. Especially when you have to start making decisions on what is actually worth spending your savings on for your big day! I’ve been both a past Bride and a Professional Wedding Vendor, so this is my personal and professional opinion! I’ve put together my top 3 things that are totally worth splurging on (and I think you might feel the same!)

1. Your Wedding Photographer

When the wedding day is over, food is gone, and your dress is dry cleaned and preserved….what’s the one tangible memory you will have left? Your photos! If you’re going to go to all the effort to plan a big, special day down to every last detail, you want to make sure you have gorgeous imagery to look back on. Believe me, cutting corners on your photographer and relying on Cousin Eddie to photograph your special day is not the route you want to go. It’s so important that you select a photographer that you love their photography and editing style, that you can trust, and that you like them as a person and would enjoy spending a whole day together! The whole point in throwing a bomb party is that you can flip through your wedding album and relive your special day over and over again.

2. Fresh Florals

There is nothing better or more luxurious than FRESH real florals for your wedding day! Whether they are neutrals or some brightly colored….they photograph best and elevate every wedding, no matter the budget! There’s so many unique ways to utilize flowers on your wedding day; floral arch, centerpieces, flower crowns, petals down the aisle, etc. The possibilities with fresh florals are endless and they really elevate your entire day!

3. Wedding Planner

The one thing you do NOT want to be during this most special time of your life is stressed and overwhelmed from all of the planning! A wedding planner can relieve so much of that stress and planning off of your plate! They are pros as facilitating, delegating and getting things done so that you can relax and actually enjoy your engagement and wedding day verses running around like a chicken with your head cut off. As an added bonus, many planners have great connections with fellow wedding vendors and can often make recommendations if you need help selecting!

4. (BONUS!) Wedding Videographer

I like you, so I’m going to add one more! Just like a photographer, having a videographer is an amazing addition to your wedding day! It’s so much fun to have a visual representation of your wedding day in addition to the photos and album! Many times the photographer and videographer will work together on your wedding day since they are both working toward a common goal – making sure you have the best experience on the best day of your life!

Honestly, there are so many things you can splurge on for your wedding day. This list is just my advice as an experienced photographer and a past Bride. No matter what, choose what’s important to you and enjoy your wedding! This is your day! Now go pop some bubbly and celebrate! And when you’re ready to book your wedding photographer, reach out!

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