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You’ve finally decided on your wedding date, and now it’s time to start combing through that list of favorite venues you have jotted down. When selecting your venue, it’s important to know what kind of bridal suites and getting ready spaces that they offer. I know it might not seem very important right now, but I promise you’ll see the benefits of your getting ready space come wedding day…and then again when you get your wedding gallery back!

Between snatching some Instagram worthy photos with your gal pals, needing a practical space to actually get your hair and makeup done, and wanting a space that will look great in the professional photos…you’ve got a long list of things to look for when looking for a getting ready space! But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here is my simple guide for choosing the perfect wedding day getting ready space!


1. Light and Neutral Colored Walls!

Don’t get me wrong, that racecar wallpaper in your nephews bedroom is super cool, but do you really want that in the background of your getting ready photos?! Light/Neutral walls might seem simple but they really do go a long way in brightening up a space and not overpowering the photo with bold patterns or crazy colors. I’ve personally seen getting ready photos of brides who didn’t scope out the rooms well and ended up getting ready in a children’s schoolroom. As the bride was smiling excitedly at the camera with her hair and makeup don…all you see is the brightly colored row of large President Portraits hanging on the white and orange concrete walls!! Let’s avoid an incident like this…we want the focus to be all on you!

2. Lots of Windows!

That soft, natural light pouring in from the windows is drop-dead GORGEOUS and is your best friend for a getting ready space! Also, your hair and makeup artist will thank you (doing your hair or makeup in a dimly lit room is a nightmare.) Windows will provide a beautifully lit room without the need for the harsh light that comes from lamps and ceiling lights. Windows make rooms feel larger and also pretty in photos!

3. Mirrors!

Mirrors make rooms look bigger! That add a lot of depth to small rooms and make them feel much more opened up. Do you have a space that has only a couple windows but lots of mirrors? That’s perfectly fine! The mirrors can reflect the natural light pouring in from the windows and make it seem even more light and airy! And…do you really want to have to wrestle your maid of honor for some mirror space when you’re putting on the finishing touches of your makeup?!

4. Neutral Colored Furniture!

Similar principals apply to furniture in the room as to the light and neutral colored walls. The less busy and overwhelming the better! Maybe you’re getting ready in a bedroom? Great! Let’s make sure the comforter is light and neutral so all your girls can pile on in their matching robes holding their mimosas for the perfect Instagram post! Is there a neutral couch in the corner? Awesome! All your besties can crowd around while you pop some bubbly and cheers you for a cute boomerang video! I truly think that the furniture in the getting ready space can be a little overlooked. It might be a seemingly small detail but you’ll thank yourself when you’re looking back at your wedding gallery and you only notice how stunning YOU look and not that crazy orange plaid couch you almost had in there!

5. Enough Space!

Crowded is the absolute LAST thing you want to feel when getting ready for your own wedding. However many will be in your bridal party (including you!) make sure there is enough space for everyone to get ready. I’m talking enough counter space for all of the hairspray, bobby pins and curling irons. For all of the makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and lipsticks. AND for the mimosas, Starbucks drinks and brunch charcuterie boards! Will there be room for everyone to have a seat? Are there enough outlets for all of the phone chargers and hot tools? Having an area to get ready in that is spacious enough for your bridal part is absolutely key!


Right before your photographer arrives, have your bridal party put all of their belongings in a dark corner and clear off all the counter tops and getting ready areas. Nobody wants a bra and a half drank truly in the background of their wedding images. This will ensure that your images feel clean, elevated and high end!

Keep these tips in mind when selecting your getting ready space for you and your bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding day! When you get your wedding gallery back and see just how stunning your photos really are you’ll be SO happy you listened!

These images were taken from Samantha and Justin’s beautiful wedding day at Derby Lane Estates. Click here to see their full blog post!

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